Sunpower Panels with invistmount by District Energy Washington DC






District Energy's Free Solar Initiative is only available for Washington DC residents.

Own a home in the District? You Qualify!


District Energy leverages federal and local incentives, which allows us to offer the installation of a grid-connected solar system designed for your property at a net-zero cost to you!

We absorb ALL the costs of installing your solar system: design fees, engineering fees, permits application fees, materials, labor, etc.  

You get a solar system installed at no cost to you. You’ll generate renewable energy, which will dramatically reduce or eliminate your electric bill. You incur no risk, make no down payment, make no ongoing payments — just a reduced or eliminated electric bill. You own your system outright without ongoing payments, obligations, or risk. 


Fill out our contact form, and we'll provide you with a free assessment of your solar energy needs.


We offer industry-leading panel manufacturers and highly-qualified installation specialists to make sure your solar system is built to last. Let’s get started!


From start to finish, District Energy was fantastic. They dealt with the entire process, including historic review and permitting, which made everything smooth and easy. The particulars of our install required some special work to mount the panels at a lower sightline, and they knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

- Brian V.

District Energy was very helpful in addressing a range of questions and concerns regarding a solar installation on our home. They provided a reasoned approach that was open and encouraging of comparison shopping other solar energy products and services. There were also financing options available to meet our budget and timing. 


District Energy installed the solar panels and had the system up and operating on our 110-year-old house in short order, and with professional and courteous service. They have remained engaged and helpful in follow-up to ensure a faster return on our investment. We are happy to highly recommend them as a solar system provider that is safe and professional and worth the investment.

- Michael P.


District Energy has streamlined the process to go solar in the District. The first step is up to you, then we take it from there.


  • Fill out the contact form for a free assessment

  • Discuss your goals and gather additional information needed to design your system

  • Prepare a proposal with a tailored solar solution for your home or business

  • Approve the agreement 

  • Pull required work permits, including those for historic homes

  • Schedule the project install date

  • Install your solar array

  • Set up and active your system


District Energy specializes in and has the experience to install on flat roofs. Solar panels on flat rowhouse roofs are installed on beams that span from parapet to parapet. This method requires no roof penetration and adds no weight to the roof itself.


With over 100 installations on pitched roofs, District Energy has significant experience in this area. Our pitched roof solar installations use high-quality materials that maintain the integrity of your roof.  


We teamed up with some of the best roofers in the area. Let our experienced roofing team replace your roof. We will warranty the workmanship of the roof and the solar installation as a package, so you have the ease and convenience of ONE company completing your solar system and your roof. 

We offer the highest quality solar equipment and use industry best practices that won't void your roof warranty. Here's the bottom line: you're getting a better product, with a better warranty, from a DC-based company backed by large US corporations like Sunpower and Enphase.